Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strange Day

Today is a funny day.  I’m really tired.  I think I got 4 hours of sleep.  So to amuse myself and hopefully, I am going to use all sorts of typeface styles.  Pathetic, no?  I guess when I get in this state, I’m easily amused.   (Tahoma, font size 11 points)

I’m feeling rather underappreciated at work.  I’m definitely underutilized. I get very little feedback about the job I’m doing, except when I do something perceived as “wrong” even though it is in full compliance with company policies.  It’s different than how they used to do it, but this is a new company, they got taken over, the winner wants it done their way.  Of course, I had to train myself on the different practices and was left to figure out what was meant by some of the instructions.  And unfortunately the director has a bias to one group, but that seems to be common across the industry.  I just tell myself, you’re a contractor, keep your mouth shut, this too will pass and you’ll be off to the next assignment.  (Palatino, 11 points)

I have an idea floating around for a sweater.  I see the shape as pretty basic, round or scoop neck, set in sleeves, some waist shaping and ending at the high hip. I think it would be best done in pieces rather than in the round.  The main fabric will have texture from an overall stitch pattern, but there will be vertical bands of not so open lacework to break up the pattern.  Perhaps knit from side to side to change the look of the patterns.  I really don’t want to go into Barbara Walker’s Treasuries and pick out a pattern for his.  I want to come up with something on my own.  I won’t hold my breath that I can actually do that.  But I can maybe use an obscure one. (Helvetica, 11 points)

 It isn’t like I have nothing on my needles right now with nothing waiting.  I owe 2 sets of fingerless gloves after I finish the pair of socks I have going right now.  Then there are the three blocks for the block a week KAL for Jan and several WIPs that I have to decide if I’ll finish or frog them.  But I really am tired of my wardrobe but can’t find what I want in readymade.  My cubical is so cold; right now I have three layers on.  I need some warm tops that aren’t too bulky so I can layer as needed.  I’ve added about 3 cardigans to my collection.   I did a Calvert, a Manu and a Tissue cardigan over the last 13 months.  They will augment the couple of machine made ones from Talbots and Marshalls/ TJ Maxx as well as some older hand knits.  I did lose some sweaters to moths or another critter when I was taking care of Dad that last year.  I never got the chance to give them a good cleaning at the end of season and put them away as I normally do.  I lost probably 10 sweaters to the moths.  I can fix a few but others are too far gone and way too small a gauge to fix.  They have become dust cloths, cashmere dust cloths.  UGH!  I did get my money’s worth out of them though.  They were close to 10 yrs old so I can’t complain too much.  I really liked them and they worked so well in my wardrobe that I miss them and their cuddly warmth.  (Georgia, 11 points)

I was lucky that the little buggers did not get into my stash.  I did find two skeins that may have has some issues.  But these were wool from at least 30 yrs ago.  It could have happened in any of the 9 places my stash has been over that time.  I found that out when I was caking them up to use in Chris Bylsma class, Stashology 201.  I didn’t find any signs of dead bodies but you never know. I am making an effort to use some of my stash up this year.  I am cutting back on stash collection.  I do get something if there isn’t anything in the stash that will work, but am trying not to buy.  I will be doing Sock Madness this year again so I did get a few solid sock yarns for that because I have so few and they are mainly dark colors.  Dark colors are not good for speed knitting, too hard on the eyes and don’t show the patterning well for the photos.  But I am determined to get the stash down.  I am working on some blocks that will go into charity blankets.  It’s a block a week KAL.  I’m using my mother’s stash for that as well as my own.  I have to set up a place where I can photograph my stash and then get it listed on Ravelry so I know what I really have.  That will help me figure out what I can do with it.  I wish I never found Webs, Elann and DBNY (Discontinued Brand New Yarn) on-line.  I probably could have paid cash outright for the new car.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I could have bought A new car in cash if I didn’t have this stash just not the Audi I got, maybe a Hyundai, definitely a Kia. (Courier New, 11 points)

I’ll let you know how the design comes along.  I should be able to write up directions in a couple of sizes after taking Ysolda’s class on grading patterns.  I should have picked out a yarn and worked on swatches by the time I write the next installment.  Oh boy, I’ll get to use the Intertwined charting program I bought and maybe even draw a schematic.  Heck, I may actually get the hang of designing for someone other than myself.  Woo Hoo!!

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  1. You have stash that is 30 years old? You must have the record!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you Thursday night. Going gang busters on my baby blanket but lost two stitches on that damn linen scarf and I refuse to rip it out. Enjoy the week and I hope work gets better.