Monday, April 2, 2012

I’ve Fallen and I…..

forgot to blog.  Yeah that’s it. I forgot.  It wasn’t that work was crazy for a few weeks or that I was trying to speed knit and then said why, it’s early stages of Sock Madness, you don’t need to do that yet.  Or,  perhaps I forgot because of the lovely weather out.  So I’m here again and trying to figure out what to write about.  That may be the main problem.  Life has been so mundane that there isn’t much to say.  Work is go then stop.  I write like the dickens , review/revise and then wait… and wait…. and wait.  It’s also a pain that I wind up having to redo the other writer’s work because he pays no attention to what he’s doing.  Thank goodness, there’s a new project for us that could be separated and his work will have to stand on its own.  I will not be held responsible for his mistakes and non-compliance.  At least, that’s what they are saying now.  Plus they are intending giving me the responsibility of coordinating the documents going to a outside firm for authoring. 

Things like Sock Madness and Guild Wars are cutting to my design time.  I do like participating in them though.  The speed thing in Sock Madness is fun, although I’m not feeling my sock mojo right now.  But it’s early rounds and there really is no need.  I’m back in the beginners’ group once again.  I think you have to spend a couple of years here before you move up.  Or if you submit a sock design for the next competition, that may get you moved.  So I’m not busting my hump right now to finish first.  I’ll be done either tonight or tomorrow and that will put me in the first half or maybe even first 10 to finish in my group.  I’m being a slacker this year, as long as I move on to the next round, I’m okay.  Last year I was an eager beaver and had to finish first or second each round.  Not happening.  I’m getting very distracted, like I have ADD.  I start something and see or hear a blurb on TV, check that out, play some solitaire on the computer and then cycle back.  Not good.  I will buckle down for the latter rounds so I can perhaps go one round further than last year.  Of course that would mean I was in the finals against all the other teams’ winner.  And the challenge sock would be something ridiculous, like last year’s colorwork  one with a Latavian braid and fringe I think.  I have the pattern but have not knit it.  I could convert it to a mitten, which is what the designer did I think.  I think she took a mitten and converted it to a sock.  I would just be taking it back to what it was.  I’m just restless and fiddly lately.  There are things I should be doing, like getting the last of my parents things put away and putting all my yarn up in the cabinets, but I am so not into that now.  Perhaps a little get-away would break the mood.  Or a swift kick to my posterior.
I finished and moved to round 3.  The afterthought heel does not fit me well.  I had to add extra rows to get some heel depth and they still don't fit.  But it fun to learn these new techniques and see what works for me and what doesn't.  I can always reknit it and redo the heel to a flap and gusset.  Since yesterday was April 1, April Fools, there were lots of little jokes on Ravelry.  I had a Cat in the Hat hat on my Ravatar.  There were the Emperor's Fingerless Gloves made from Rumplestilkin's Yarn.  Then there was a contest looking for the sexiest knitter, the one who knits the sexiest, not looks the sexiest and knits.  The in Sock Madness, Round 3 was announced.  The supply list had 1,000 yds of lace weight in 5 different colors, a true indigo dye vat made with urine of pre-pubscent boys, 4 cabana/ kilt boys, 16 cable needles and much more.  It fooled me at first until I started reading.  Then I started laughing. 
I am trying to finish at least one glove to show my massage therapist to see if it works for her.  If it does, I may actually publish it on Rav.  There isn't anything like it there.  There are some elements but not all of them put together like I have on this glove.  If I do, it will be my first published pattern.  I've never liked mittens, and gloves make it hard to get change out, especially while driving.  If you can flip the tops of your thumb and the the next two fingers, it could be done easily.  She wants to be able to play her flute and still keep her hands warm.  We will see it I figured it out and not have the tips get lost or in the way. 
It's getting late and I think I will sign off.  Nighty-night all.

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  1. Glad you made it to round three. Don't know how you get the time to write all of this. I may put our Thursday nights on Ravelry rather than sending it to the other knitters. I think some people didn't like the updates. Oh well!!
    Hope to see you Thursday.