Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baseball is back.  My Yankees are doing reasonably well so far.  But it is the first week and it is a long season.  Except for the fans in Boston.  They say New York fans are quick to jump on a loosing team, denigrating the players and coaches.  Well, Boston fans are even worse.  The Red Sox are 0-6 and the fans are all over the team.  They’re wonder what’s wrong with the team, why aren’t all their high-priced new acquisitions not performing, and in general, what has happened?  The answer is, it’s baseball.  Being successful 30% of the time is a GOOD thing in this game.  The Red Sox’s are a good team (that was painful to admit) who just aren’t outperforming their opponent.  A loss by one run is the same as a blow out, they’re both losses.  Boston has been playing all their games on the road so far.  Being on the road is different than being at home, or even being at spring training.  Even in spring training, a road game is only a few hour’s drive away and you get to spend the night in your own bed.  Boston’s been at Texas and Cleveland.  I don’t know if it was cold in Texas but it is in Cleveland this time of year.  These early games are strange.  The players have been playing in warm weather for the most part and then they go to places that may have SNOW in late March and early April.  That is a big shock to anyone’s system.  They play in some domes, but not all the cold weather area teams have a dome.  There isn’t one in Cleveland or Colorado, where a game was held in the snow recently.  But perhaps the ghost of the curse is in the heads of the Boston fans.  All those years of not winning a championship, or even getting into the champion round, has ingrained in eventual failure to the Yankees.  Not that I mind.  It’s something to tease my friends who are Red Sox fans about.  I’m actually thinking about betting which team will have the better record at the All-Star break with one of those friends.  I think the bet will be the loser has to wear something from the winner’s team, like a t-shirt or hat, out in public, around people they know.  That way the humiliation is complete, they have to spend money and their friends know they lost a bet.  And this friend is a bit tight when it comes to money.  I’m not sure what’s he saving it for, unless he has some secret vice, like internet gambling or strip joints that I don’t know about.  Last year we bet dinner on some games and I lost and paid my debt.  I’m not expecting to see him in person this year, but still want to make a friendly bet.  I have some things in mind for my vacation time this year and a trip to Cape Cod is not on the list.  I’m not sure what exactly is, but it isn’t.  I think I may want to go to Ireland or Iceland or perhaps a week on a beach somewhere warm.  Or maybe to knitting camp!  I could try for Meg Swansen’s  knitting camp in Wisconsin.  I’m sure Sock Summit is already full, but I don’t think they opened up enrollment for Meg’s camp yet.  Getting in is like getting a skein of WolleMeise  from their site, almost impossible, but worth a shot.  And after taking a class with Meg at Vogue Live, I understand the rush.  I miss unlimited knitting time.  This work thing just cuts into my fun time so much, but it helps pay the bills.

Written May 2011, way too late for Meg's camp.  That opens in Feb and fills up right away.

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