Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog Jam

This ia anoter posting I wrote and never posted.  It was written Jan 29 2011.

It’s been a long time since I last blogged.  There’s been too much going to and fro to sit down and take stock.  But I should try to catch you up with all that’s going on, especially since I am going back to work on next Monday.  I will be a contractor for Pfizer in their regulatory department.  I will be writing submissions for re-registering the Wyeth products under the Pfizer name.  I can write like a lawyer and summarize things very well.  Fortunately or maybe unfortunately for you, I don’t use that skill here.  I figure you want all the messy juicy language

I last left you with my Rhinebeck experience.  I then went to Stitches East with two knitting friends, Cindy and Cheryl.  They are part of the group that gets together at my LYS (well the one I frequent the most) for open knitting.  We didn’t have classes together but it was nice to have someone to have meals with as we were staying in the same hotel.  I then went on from Hartford to Cape Cod to see my high school boyfriend.  I was nervous seeing him again after 42 years.  Funny thing, I recognized him right away.  I’m not sure what he thought since I’m twice the size I was in high school.  But he was too much of a gentleman to say anything.  He did try to start up where we had left things but I’m a bit too old for making out now.  And I’m still not ready for someone to replace Robert.  I’d like to have a companion for my old age, but that isn't him.   We did catch up and do talk every now and then.  I’m glad I got back in touch with him and the old college boyfriend/fiancée.  I found that one is still the nice guy I remembered and the other is still the adolescent, head turned by big boobs and accessibility.  I’m no slouch in the boob area, been a D or E cup since 30.  But I wasn’t always around so he went for the closest thing around.  And unfortunately for him, he’s still in that mode so he’s had three wives and is probably married to #4.  And he’s married the same type every time, insecure, jealous and looking for a pay day.  I wanted to send a wedding gift to his fiancée and she questioned the hell out of me.  I explained I had no interest other than friendship with him and that it was just a gift to wish them happiness in their life together.  She turned all belle (a NC native) and turned the gift down.   I’m not sure who did it, but I was un-friended on Facebook which really pissed me off.  He claimed it was a problem with his computer, but Facebook doesn’t just drop one person as a friend and not everyone else.  And even if it did, he didn’t do anything to remedy the problem and re-friend me.   So I found out that he is still the stupid jerk he was 37 years ago when we broke up. 

I have been having a hard time with transferring programs from my old computer to this new one.  The one I’m really having a problem with is the Intertwined charting program.  So either I am going to spend the big bucks and get Knit or Stitch Illustrator and Photoshop or re-purchase the Intertwined program.  Or figure out how to make Excel work the way I want for charts.   I do like charts but also want to give written directions for my stuff.  And that ain’t happening with some kind of program.  I hope Photoshop is somewhat intuitive and that I’ll be able to use it.  I’ve heard it can be hard, but that was a while back. 
I found out Photoshop is still hard but it may be worth the price.  Illustrator seems to be the program most designers use.  I will be looking into that one as well.  Sometimes the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.  I'm not putting the Intertwined program down, just that it has limits on what it can do.  If all I wanted was to put out a chart, it would be great.  However, I want to do more and it isn't designed to do full patterns.  I would have to cobble the chart into another document and hope it comes out readable.  I can do that but if another program can do it all, why wouldn't I so that.  It's all boils down to how serious am I about designing and publishing patterns.  There is interest out there so it just may be worth the money. 

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