Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things that Get my Goat

Warning:  This post may contain some language the people may find offensive.  It will contain the four letter word 'work' and it may contain other four letter ones that come when people don't want to do the first one. 

I have certain pet peeves.  I have things that get to me.  The biggest one is people who expect the world to drop things in their laps.  People who do not want to work, who expect others to do the stuff they don't want to do.  I work with a bunch of them.  People who expect others to clean up their messes.  People who sit and read the paper or bulletin boards on the Internet all day or are on the phones with their friends or family all day.  They wonder why they aren't getting anywhere.  Honestly they are lucky they stay employed.  I think it's because the manager doesn't want to loose any more head count because then the powers that be may think they don't need the manager.  I am a consultant.  I'm not paid anywhere near what I was making before I left the workforce to take care of my parents before they died.  But I give the job my best effort.  I do the work I have as efficiently as possible.  I check my work for accuracy and correct all my spelling errors.  I check and recheck the numbers and make sure the written description matches the table or graph.  I take pride in my work.  I feel my work is a reflection of myself.  It bugs me that someone will sit doing nothing all day and take a company's money for it.  It bugs me that someone will take 2 weeks to do something it takes me 2 days to do and then do it so poorly, with spelling and grammatical errors.  I mean spell check in Office isn't the end all but if it's telling you that a word is misspelled, it probably is.  Especially when it isn't a highly technical term, when it's a commonly used word like supplement.  I know the person will be highly surprised when he gets let go and I get kept.  But when you sit on your ass doing crappy, slipshod work, screwing around for the most part, reading the paper or checking your bank account or perhaps stealing secrets from the company, you deserve to be fired.  There are plenty of people who want to work and those that don't shouldn't get the chance.  They should get exactly what they put out, nothing.  The world doesn't owe anybody anything.  You need to go and earn it.  You shouldn't expect others to clean up after you and you certainly shouldn't go around saying how busy and overworked you are.

This is the end of the rant.  I feel much better now.  I did manage to squeak though the fourth round of Sock Madness on Ravelry.  I thought this one would do me in.  I have only tried mosaic knitting once before, at the first Unique Sheep Retreat.  I did a small swatch of mosaic knitting in a class with Susan Pandorf.  It was ugly, my tension was horrible and the swatch puckered.  I had no hope that the socks would come out any better.  But Voila, I did it and the socks look wonderful.  See....

The only question is will they be too warm.  I used two different sock yarns, Santa Fe by Aslan Yarns and Socka by Stahl.  But the socks are almost double knit. The working yarn is carried behind the slipped stitches making a second layer.  So, even though they fit me and I love the tonal red with the solid navy blue, these socks may go into the pile of hats and such for Pine Ridge Reservation.  I think the Lakota people in North Dakota could make better use of them than I could here in NJ.  Tomorrow the next pattern is coming.  It has some colorwork as well.  The spoiler showed a few stripes of contrast on the ribbing but I know there's some sneaky surprise waiting in the fifth round.  I mean it's near the end, there will be two more rounds then the final one for the overall winner.  I hope there's a bit of contrast and the rest is lace.  I can do lace fast, I do lace well.  Last year this fifth round was an illusion knitting pattern.  It may have been garter but the chart to get the picture required you to concentrate.  Otherwise, no picture.  The teaser only showed the rib with the stripes.  I wonder what the rest is like.  I should know by 4PM tomorrow.  We shall see what challenges await us, the 70 still left competing (5 x 14 is 70).  I'll let you know when I either finish it or get knocked out.

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