Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I was in the Bronx  today as it was one of my Saturdays for a game.  It was a warm, beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.  I was quite comfortable because my seat is under an overhang and not in the direct sunlight.  It was brutal if you were sitting in the sun.  Many men had wet handkerchiefs on their heads trying to keep cool.  I saw many a sunburn walking around the park.  In fact, I picked up a slight burn on my decolletage.  Not sure if I got it while driving over in the convertible or at the game.  I did put on a 45 or 60 SPF product about a half hour before taking the top down on the car.  It isn't bad, just a little pink.  I did get to see more decolletage at the game, more than I wanted.  The man in the seat in front of mine was a David Wells look alike.  He has either  lost a bunch of weight and hasn't replaced his wardrobe yet because he has more to go or wears his pants under his stomach without a belt.  Either way, there was a lot of butt cleavage showing, and not good butt cleavage, hairy butt cleavage, almost all the way down to the anus butt cleavage.   It was not a pretty site and I made sure to look away whenever he stood up or sat down.  It was shown during the 6th inning playing of YMCA and again at the 7th inning stretch.  He finally pulled up his pants and underwear a bit, they were boxers by the way, after the stretch.  I wanted to tell his wife or girlfriend to get him some shorts that fit or a belt, but that would have been presumptuous of me.

On the knitting front, I appear to have gotten my taste for seed stitch back.  I finished the back and started the front.  I have most of the front designed already from the back.  I still have to work out the neckline.  I was thinking about a deep U neck or a deep V neck.  The cardigan that will go with the top will have a V neck and some lace panels.  The V neck makes more sense, it will echo the cardigan.  But I want to wear the top on its own as well as with the cardigan.  I do have a lot of knitting to do before I have to decide.  I'm also working on the Moonfleet Shawl.   I've finished one edging and picked up for the body of the shawl.  I'm behind the others working on this KAL.  Most of the others working on this are more than half way done, probably three quarters of the way through.  I am enjoying it and it is a break from the seed stitch.

I am going to TKGA later in the week.  I will be posting from there.  I'm taking courses on Orenburg lace, a refresher actually.  I'm also taking a class on photographing your work and pattern drafting.   There's a couple more classes in the agenda as well.  I'll keep an eye out for any new things being exhibited at the show.  I am also planning a side trip to Webs on the way back from the conference.   I'll let you know about my finds in their back room, well actually their back warehouse.  Last time I was there, I got some Noro for about $5 a ball.  I wonder what surprises I will find this time.  Bye

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