Friday, July 23, 2010

Do I stay or do I go?

No, not the song, but to the Yankee game?  I'm watching the game now trying to decide if I go to the game tomorrow.  I'm having a hard time deciding because we are having another hot spell.  It is supposed to be in the mid 90's tomorrow with a heat index of 103-105.  I'm not sure if I want to sit in the stadium tomorrow in that kind of heat.  Last weekend when I was there it was hot but not that hot.  It was in the low 90's and with the heat index, high 90's.  I went through 4 bottles of liquids during the 6 hours I was at the game.  Plus some ice cream.  I did have a little breeze and was in the shade, so it wasn't that bad.  But I'm not looking forward to 100+ temperatures at the stadium.  The only reason I would go is to see if A-Rod hits his 600th home run.  He got 599 on Thursday against Kansas City.  He has gotten a lot of milestone home runs against KC, his first, 250th and 500th.  So I'm waiting to see what happens tonight.  Already, Jorge Posada has gotten his 1000th run batted in so there's one reason not to go.  But 600 home runs is a big deal.  Only 6 others have gotten that many.  Yes, I know a lot of the players that have over 600 home runs used performance enhancing drugs, including A-Rod.   But unlike Jason Giambi, A-Rod hasn't had the dramatic drop-off in hits and home runs after going off the drugs.  It has been longer between 500 ans 600 than any other 100 run segment, but he is also getting older.  So I will watch the game tonight (like I wouldn't otherwise, NO WAY) and then make my decision.

I have started a pair of socks for a friend.  They are from the Knitters Brewing Co, their June KAL on Ravelry, and called the Pink Ribbon Socks.  I am doing them in teal for my knitting friend, Angie.  Angie has just completed chemo for fallopian tube cancer.  If you don't know the colors of Awareness ribbons, teal is the color for reproductive cancer.  Angie is doing well, all the treatments worked and she is getting back her hair.  So if I go to the game, I may take the socks to work on.  I did take knitting last week to the stadium and it wasn't a problem.  The hearts and ribbons pattern on the sock may be something I can't do without watching, especially since it's on 2.0 mm needles, US size 0.  It's a bit tough to see, so I may have to start something mindless to bring with me.  Maybe I should start another baby sleep sack or blanket for charity.  They are mindless and require no attention from me.  And the needles are big enough for me to feel the stitches as  they come up to the needle tip.  Everything I have on needles now require charts and I really don't want to take a chart that I will have to keep looking at.   I guess I will start a sack on large circulars,  US 11's or 13's.  The sack is done with heavy chunky wool or double worsted weight.   I made a few for Cooper last year and should do some more.  They help babies secure while sleeping and quieter.  They swaddle the baby.     I guess I now have a plan.  So next break, I'm off to see what I have that I can combine to make the sleep sack and find my 16" circulars in size 11 and 13 and do a swatch to see how I like the combo.  So I'm off.  Bye.

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