Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Is Here

It's finally starting to get hot here in New Jersey.  It actually feels more like August than late June.  And it has made me a bit lazy and changed my knitting habits.  Even though it is a summer top, I am really having trouble working on my ramie/silk moss stitch design for the Ravelry ColourMart group challenge.  I've put it aside and am working on the June KAL for the Icelandic Lace Yahoo group.  I think the light lacy mohair is just more appealing than the moss stitch design. 

In fact, I have several projects in wool and alpaca waiting to be finished.  One is a throw for my nephew that a blend of wool, alpaca and acrylic.  It's machine washable in cold water and can be hung to dry.  I wanted something warm for him and easily cared for because he has two cats.  I'm making the Sedona Throw that was in the Jan  2010 issue of Creative Knitting.  I'm using Schachenmayr Silenzio in a sage green.  It's a bit brighter than the picture here.  He has brown leather furniture and the cats are not declawed so I think there will be pulls and whatnot in it.  But I got the yarn on sale at Webs in January, so I'm not going to get stressed if the cats destroy it.  And my nephew asked me to make him a throw when I saw him at Christmas.  He has been very appreciative of the knitted things I have made for him so I made this for him.  He has also liked the socks I've made for him.  They do take a bit of time since he has size 12 feet.  But then, he is 6'4", so it would be weird if he had tiny feet. I told him I would have the throw completed for his birthday which is August 3.   So either I have to wish for a cold snap (highly unlikely), bring it with me to the TKGA conference in New Hampshire (and hope it's cold there in July), crank up the A/C (not very likely) or just suffer.  Perhaps, I'll take it to NH and crank up the A/C in the room that way, I don't have the electric bill and I'll have something to do in the evenings.

Speaking of TKGA, I have decided to do their Masters program.  I got the info and started it several years ago.  But the death of my mother interfered with completing Level 1.  I then got busy taking care of my father and never got back to it.  I checked on the requirements and can salvage most of what I did earlier.  So I will be taking part in the 'On the Way to Your Masters Day' that is being held on the Wednesday before the conference.   I'll bring my swatches along, because they asked attendees to bring the materials they have so far with them.  I have been stressing a bit on the swatches.  My knitting is good  except for the first stitch.  I knit continental (picking) normally and the first stitch is a little wonky, more like a knot.  I tried knitting American or English (throwing) but it didn't make a difference.  I did see some samples of the swatches on Ravelry and their first stitch is a bit off too.  I'm just hoping to get through the first level without redoing too many swatches.  I think it's because I've never had my knitting judged.  I've never entered the state fair.  Growing up, I don't think NJ had a state fair.  My county didn't have a county fair.  I lived in Passaic County while growing up.  It was too suburban to have a county fair.  Only counties like Hunterdon or Sussex, where there were farms, had county fairs.  The state fair is now held at the Meadowlands, not exactly the country.  Football hasn't started and basketball is over so there's a lot of parking and places to set up rides, but I think the race track is open.  I guess if the parents get bored, they can leave their older children and bet on the horses.  So wish me luck and I'll let you know how I do.  Bye.

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